At our core, we are gamers and events organisers, and since the birth of Manchester Gamers Unite we’ve been itching to up our production and spread across the country, bringing Indie, AA and AAA games to the masses.

As we are planning this bigger and better event, we were wondering what could possibly make it any more impressive? Then it hit us! Why not invite the UK’s biggest and best Twitch and YouTube streamers and get up close and personal to the livestreams you’ve been watching at home? We’re so excited to be working with the UK’s best streaming talents and introducing you to some you may not have seen on Twitch or YouTube before! Keep your eyes peeled for our announcement posts to see who’ll be joining us, you won’t want to miss it!

As I mentioned, we’re upping our production! Picture Esports level production, with effect lighting, huge LED screens, special effects and more. We’ll be showing the streamers and games on our screens, so no one will miss out on the fun! We’re so excited to be stretching our event muscles and doing some immersive production, we’re eager to see what you all will think.

Now, let’s address the big virus shaped elephant in the room….Don’t fear! Our event, regardless of the ever changing guidelines, will be made to be Covid compliant; so regardless of where we’re at, we’re ready. Each table will have their own games, tables will be spaced accordingly, table service for food and drinks, and allocated time slots to see the Developers. We’ve got it covered.

Do we have you convinced? We sure hope so! We’d love to see you there as we begin our journey rebooting MGU to FORMAT; come along and see your favourite Twitch and YouTube streamers, play the very best upcoming games, meet and network with developers and enjoy some amazing food and game themed drinks.

Hope to see you there!~